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Tech Talk with Arian Jansen

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Back in the early 80s as a teenager living in the Netherlands, I became seriously interested in audio when at the local High End store I heard a set of Aitos OTL tube amplifiers on a set of van den Hul monitors. Shortly thereafter in the same store I got introduced to a set of Audiostatic ES200 electrostatic loudspeakers. From there I started an interesting audio journey that still continues today.

Not having any money to spend at that time but with a head full of ideas and a pile of components from old radios and TVs I had gathered, I decided that I should be able to build my own audio set. The Aitos OTL amplifier had made such an impression on me that it became my goal, a bit ambitious perhaps, to make my own OTL amplifier. After several attempts with gradually increasing success I managed to design my first real OTL amplifier around 1984. 120W from four tubes was a bit over confident which resulted in a total blow up at least every two months, but I did get some serious audio performance from it.

Since those days I�ve become a professional electronics designer in the areas of RF and power electronics and I moved to France and later on to the USA. The audio hobby has continued all those years as well and I�ve now designed and built electronics for pretty much every type of audio equipment.

After moving to Orange County I joined the LAOCAS, by far the largest and most diverse group of audio enthusiasts I�ve ever encountered. As a stimulation for those of us who have an interest in modifying existing equipment or building their own equipment I will maintain a �Tech Talk� page at the LAOCAS website. On a regular basis I will publish some DIY articles. I will furthermore be available to answer questions on DIY projects or any other technical issues for as far as I am able to.

For any suggestions, questions or requests you can email me.

For any information or questions about the Society, just Email me personally at